Alberto Magliano

On the 22nd of June 2003 at 6pm local time, Alberto Magliano became the first non-professional alpinist, and the second Italian after Messner, to climb the Seven Summits. Although he discovered alpinism late in life (36 years old), he has a very extensive climbing curriculum and has participated in numerous expeditions across the world.

Born in Trieste (Italy) in 1945, Alberto lives in Milan where he has held managerial positions in large companies, and now works as a consultant in the tourism sector.

Alberto finds his freedom in the mountains and sees alpinism as a serene and playful activity. He disagrees with the exasperated dramatisation of alpine misfortunes, even if sometimes these events do have dramatic elements to them. Alberto’s story is that of a normal person with a regular life and career, who, thanks to a great passion for the mountains, has been able to reach places accessible to few others.

For this reason the subject of his talks often link the mountains and alpine activity with everyday situations and emotions: they focus on relations with people, the environment and surroundings. He highlights that climbing a summit is the final moment of a complex activity developed over time, in which the technical element seems the most noteworthy aspect – but is not always the principal point.

Alberto’s managerial background helps him to illustrate important skills learnt through images and examples taken directly from the mountain, some examples include: planning, teamwork, quality, logistics, technological support, decision making in difficult conditions etc.

Alberto is the testimonial that demonstrates that the skills involved in being a successful alpinist can also help in becoming a successful company manager, and vice versa.

He also covers multiple subjects linked directly to alpinism: the climbing of Everest, Denali (McKinley), Vinson Massif, Antarctic, the Seven Summits… The theme and orientation of his talks vary according to both the audience and the context in which they are held.

He speaks French, German and English, although he would prefer to give his presentation in Italian.

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