David Lim

David Lim is best known in Asia and abroad for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998 which succeeded in placing two members on the summit. The climb captured the imagination of the entire country and helped reset the parameters of what could be achieved by the small and flat island nation. A week after returning from Everest, he experienced a life-and-death struggle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a serious nerve disorder. The disorder totally paralyzed and hospitalized him for six months. David is now partially disabled as a result.

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His return to the great mountains of the world has been huge struggle and a constant source of inspiration and new insights into leadership and personal empowerment. Combining his media, legal and mountaineering background, David lectures internationally, sharing his views and thoughts about life-management skills, overcoming obstacles and leadership. He also presents uniquely Asian perspectives on international expeditions Popular lecture topics include A View From the Top: Lessons From Mt Everest.


Let professional mountaineer and corporate motivator David Lim share the inner workings of leadership at the edge; inspire your associates and give your workplace a motivational boost! David is a veteran leader of 10 expeditions, 35 alpine ascents and two expeditions to Mt Everest, including the landmark 1st Singapore Mount Everest Expedition

Join him in a lavishly illustrated presentation depicting not only the views from the great Himalayan mountains but also lessons of how leadership on major mountaineering expeditions are not significantly different from major corporate challenges. Each lecture is specifically tailored to reflect your corporate messages for the event. Resonating themes which are often requested as the central focus of David’s customized lectures include:

  • The Importance of a Shared Vision
  • Team vs Individual Goals
  • Leadership in the Extreme
  • Overcoming Setbacks and Failure
  • Keeping Focus
  • Succeeding Successfully

David’s lecture can be accompanied by post-event sales and autographed copies of his book “ Mountain To Climb” – which details not only the leadership of the Everest project from 1994-1998 but also his own life-and-death struggle with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which has left him partially disabled.

Also Dave has Team Transformation- Events For Ultimate Teamwork

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