Ed Viesturs

Ed Viesturs: SEEKING THE HIGHEST PLACES: The Quest to Climb the World’s Greatest Mountains

Ed Viesturs is widely regarded as this country’s foremost high-altitude mountaineer, and one of the all-time “greats” in the world of mountaineering. Familiar to many from the 1996 IMAX Everest Expedition documentary, Ed was awarded the historic Lowell Thomas Award by the Explorer’s Club in 2002, for outstanding achievement in the field of mountaineering, along with such notables as Sir Edmund Hillary. Ed has successfully summited all of the world’s fourteen 8000 meter peaks without supplemental oxygen. He is one of only a handful of climbers in history (and the only American) to accomplish this.

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SEEKING THE HIGHEST PLACES is the inspirational account of Ed’s fourteen year pursuit of all the world’s peaks above 8000 meters, a goal nearing its culmination. In a presentation tailored to fit the particular concerns of his many and varied corporate audiences, Ed uses spectacular photographs from his 16 years of expedition climbing as breath-taking illustration for his compelling story.

Ed makes a clear and dramatic connection for his audiences between commitment to integrity and superlative achievement. Totally committed to the integrity of his approach to his goals, Ed has elected to forgo using supplemental oxygen on his climbs, making an already extremely difficult endeavor almost beyond human possibility. He does this not to prove anything “macho” or vainglorious, but just the opposite: to climb without oxygen is a direct, often humbling encounter with the true reality of these mountains. “I want to climb the mountain under its own terms,” he states. “How I climb a mountain is more important to me than getting to the summit at all costs.”

In addition, Ed’s fourteen-year quest has encompassed many astounding successes within it, each of which would be the pinnacle of life-time accomplishment for most adventurers. But Ed shares a broader, bigger view of life and of success, with uncommon messages of focus, passion, desire, and patience. These messages, together with Ed’s friendly, gently humorous style, make Seeking the Highest Places a deeply inspiring, unforgettable presentation for everyone lucky enough to experience it.


Set Your Own Goals

Do not be content with normative success. Set a higher standard for yourself and discover your own profound resources of patience, passion, and focus.

Team Success is Individual Success

Not everyone stands on the summit, but the best, most successful teams reap tremendous personal satisfaction for each team member when the team as a whole succeeds.

Planning is the Key to Achievement

To fail because of lack of preparation is a huge waste of time, energy, money and talent. Never jeopardize your success by failing to make a comprehensive plan.

Integrity of Approach is Paramount

How you achieve your goal can be more important than what you achieve. Instead of reducing your goal to make it “manageable” be willing to struggle with the real, objective difficulties in your path, and reveal the best that is in you.


“Your story inspired our financial consultants to look beyond their perceived limitations, both professionally and personally, and to think about how they can continually raise the bar in all aspects of their life.”

— Merrill Lynch

“Thank you for making our weekend retreat a great success. Your talk was the highlight of the retreat. You hit all the right points that we hoping for — achieving individual growth aspirations and being a team player. I’ll look forward to following your career to complete all 14 peaks successfully and safely.”

– McKinsey & Company, Inc.

“Our group of 280 people were all current or former CEO’s of mid to large size companies. A group not easily impressed. We wanted a keynoter to open this conference of business leaders from all over the world who would be both inspiring and challenging. Ed Viesturs filled the bill perfectly! The fascinating presentation by this bright, articulate world class athlete had a great impact on the audience and got our conference off to an exciting start.”

— John Durbin Chairman, InfrastruX Group for the Chief Executives Organization


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