Francois Langlois

Francois Langlois:  French Canadian Climber and Financial Advisor with Merrill Lynch; gives an outstanding and motivating presentation on the similarities between his successful climb of Mount Everest in May 2001 and his successful strategies in investing for his clients: ”

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I have learned three rules in life, and confirmed them once again on Everest : CALCULATED RISK, DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE!”

This will be a highly entertaining event on how to overcome the obstacles and achieve your goals!

“On May 24th 2001, Francois Langlois became the 3rd person from Quebec to set foot atop the highest mountain in the world; Mount Everest! ”

Francois is the youngest of 5 boys, grew up in Montreal Canada, and has a Bachelors degree in Engineering. He has built a very successful career however as a Financial Advisor, working in the Investment industry for the last 14 years. Has participated on a weekly radio show to educate the public on financial planning strategies. Sports and physical activities have also been an integral part of Francois’ life. Some of his activities include:

Rock and ice climbing, mountain climbing, Scuba diving, triathlons…

Some of his climbing experiences include: Mt. Rainier, Washington (14 400 ft), Liberty Bell, Washington, Rock climbing (8 000 ft), Eco-Challenge Training, Whistler B.C., (a 60 hour long, non-stop event),Mt. Aconcagua, Argentina (22,800′), Mount Logan, Canada (19,500’) , Mount McKinley Alaska (20,300’) and:


Francois has summarized his Everest experience to produce an outstanding and unique visual presentation for the corporate and public community. He relates the trials and tribulations of climbing a Mountain like Everest to each person’s individual Mountain of success. He effectively demonstrates the numerous similarities and lessons to be learned in the world of mountaineering and everyday life; i.e DISCIPLINE, CALCULATED RISK, PATIENCE!


On a personal note, Francois donates profits of his presentations to charity, like The Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Vision and The Montreal Children’s Hospital. The ladder saved his life some 40 years ago so he may fulfill his dreams today!

As for Francois’ future ambitions, he has his eyes set on completing the famous Seven Summits; which is to climb the highest peak on each continent. He has to date completed four of the seven summits But in the near future, he plans to also fulfill another dream: to complete a triathlon in hopes to qualify and compete in the World Ironman Triathlon competition held in Hawaii …


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