Nancy Norris

Have you ever had a dream only to wait around and feel like you are too old or too out of shape to accomplish it? Let us introduce you to Nancy Norris who will be featured on during the upcoming online coverage of the autumn Himalayan climbing season beginning August 25, 2003. Norris, who at age 59 will attempt Cho Oyu, the world’s 6th highest mountain, as a prelude to her climb on Mt. Everest in the Spring 2004 at age 60. Nancy will attempt to become the oldest American woman to Summit Everest.

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This mother of four and grandmother of four has already proven her spirit and strength in the mountains with over 15 climbs on four continents since being introduced to the sport only five years ago.  Her climbs including classic peaks like Mt. Rainier (Washington) and Mt. McKinley (Alaska.).  Nancy lives in Flint, Michigan, where she serves as the aerobic fitness coordinator for a hospital-related health center and also practices as a fitness trainer specializing in closed head injury health and fitness rehabilitation.

On Cho Oyu, Nancy Norris will join a team of 25 climbers, guides and support staff organized by International Mountain Guides, Inc. (IMG). Headquartered in Ashford, WA under the direction of American mountaineer Eric Simonson. IMG has successfully led over 100 climbers to the summit of Cho Oyu on 11 previous expeditions to that mountain.


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