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Reach Full potential and achieve your goals. Ignite the challenge and drive in your team thorugh Pat Flavey’s motivational approach.

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Pat is Ireland’s leading motivational speaker. His lectures and conferences inspire people to live life to the full and show the benefits of setting goals and making dreams a reality.

His presentations are informative, colourful, educational, adventourous and ideal lecture material for business conferences, after dinner speeches and university presentations.

Pat offers training courses as well as motivational lectures and team building exercises.

We can customise training and education solutions to your requirements. The following courses are available.

  • Team Building
  • Stress and De-stress.
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Creative future ,Change and conquering fear,
  • A safe Workplace.
  • Training needs analysisTeambuilding

This course seeks to create an awareness of the values and beliefs involved in teambuilding. The course covers areas such as team roles, team appraisal, team rewards and the communication processes necessary to support a team environment. The course highlights the importance of involvement and participation and addresses team leadership, dynamics, responsibilities and reporting mechanisms. Attention is given to team structure, culture, the commitment required to create working teams and the likely human resource issues that may arise.

Team building courses cover areas of the individual, team, planning, communication, trust, challenge, fun, respect and most of all the go-for-it attitude.

Teambuilding 3 hr Sessions, 1 & 2 day courses.

  • Stress Pacing
  • Maintain personal effectiveness
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of stress

Get an understanding of the symptoms and causes of stress, drawing a distinction between stress, which can reduce efficiency and lead to illness, and pressure – a vital element in generating high performance.

Identify the causes of negative stress.

Stress may be defined as the response to an inappropriate level of pressure. The level of pressure that causes stress varies from person to person , what may be stressful for one person may be a reasonable challenge for another.

Damage limitation

If you know how and when it affects you, you will be able to identify your optimal level of pressure. This session includes suggestions and activities to help avoid or control stress.

We also do outdoor de-stress and Holistic Programs off site in Killarney County Kerry

  • 3 hr Sessions
  • 1 & 2 day courses.
  • Coaching BreakTrue: mentoring

Coaching is a key requirement for modern management. The traditional role of management is changing to one of facilitating growth. This course addresses a range of contexts within which the coaching process happens, and the management of that context for example creating a learning environment. Effective holistic coaching requires an awareness of barriers to performance, dealing with diversity and culture, and leadership. Coaching requires skills of communication, presentation, empathy, creative problem solving, and, an awareness of alternative coaching styles.

Strategies are explored in relation to stress, performance, and developing high performance teams. Also explored are issues of incongruity, as an effective coach works to TRUE principles.

  • 3 hr Sessions.
  • 1 & 2 day courses
  • Creative Future: Conquering fear and change

Increased complexity within organisations, and the environment they operate in, together with the inherent problems of interpreting and managing this, means change is the order of the day. The ability to change faster than competitors, to continuously innovate, and improve, is crucial to enterprise success. This requires a proactive approach to change and enterprise development. Creative problem solving processes and principles enable the establishment of a creative climate for addressing such issues.

This course leads to an understanding of the fear and barriers to change, and how they can be overcome through imaginative and flexible thinking processes, gaining new perspectives with which to initiate action.

A Safe Workplace

On this two-day program, participants will learn how carry out a risk assessment, to identify the hazards and assess the risks in the workplace and how to prepare a written safety statement which sets out the health and safety measures that the company is implementing to protect its employees. It explains why consultation must be part of the health and safety management programme between employer and employees and why employees must co-operate with the employer. A well-prepared safety statement will create a safer environment and can help to keep insurance costs down, as an employer you are required to prepare a written safety statement.


Training needs analysis involves analysis at the individual, function and organisational levels. From this analysis, capability objectives can be planned for immediate, future and developmental skills.

Immediate needs will arise from weaknesses in the current situation, and will include a problem solving approach. Immediate needs may include acquiring knowledge or task specific skills or developing interpersonal skills.

Future needs are more developmental in nature, and may involve strategy changes, appraisal systems, and HR management and procedures. Analysis can include employee surveys and organisational reviews. If future development needs are not addressed it may lead to difficulties in achieving goals.

Training needs planning includes prioritising areas of focus and objectives of training, including the timing of solutions

“Reach For the Sky”

This Lecture focus’s on the importance of Ambition, focus, risk taking, learning, trust, affirmation, the ability of the person to operate as an individual but also to be part of a team. It deals with the belief of the person in themselves, their product and their company.

Public, adventure and travel lectures, Pat’s travels have taken him on expeditions to the highest and most remote terrain on our planet earth. Mt Everest the highest mountain in the World. Cho-Oyu in Tibet where he and his team succeed to summit an 8000 mt. mountain into death Zone without supplementary oxygen , He has walked and climbed in the coldest place on earth, Antarctica. He has adventured and lived with stone age tribes in Irian Jaya of West Papua New Guinea. These are just a few of his many expedition experiences around the world of which he talks on.

Motivational Lectures:

  • Mind Climb
  • Reach for the Sky
  • Psychology of success

High adventure Lecture Series:

  • Operation Everest,2003-2004
  • Beyond Endurance
  • MT Everest “Only the Sky above”.
  • Antarctica, Deep in the Freezer, “The coldest place on Earth.”
  • A world apart. Stone age tribes to modern man “A walk in the Jungle”
  • Rough Climbers: finding/ loosing myself in the Himalaya.
  • The Seven Summits.
  • A climb for Peace. Cho-Oyu in Tibet.
    Trekking Lectures.
  • Nepal, trekking through the foothills, its people, cultures and landscape.
  • Africa, a continent apart, Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, it’s people and wild life.
  • Russia, between the Caspian and Black Sea.
  • Ireland a walking paradise


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