Robert Goh

Robert Goh: Let him help you climb your personal Everest

In Robert Goh is a unique combination of aerospace scientist, high-altitude mountaineer, mentor and motivational speaker. His string of successful adventures includes man-hauling to South Pole, an alpine ascent of Xixabangma’s central summit (8012m), and summiting Cho Oyu (8201m) without oxygen. Believing in pushing limits, chooses to climb high mountains, especially those in the Himalayas above 8,000m, with little or no support. But he also arms himself with the skills and mental strength to overcome obstacles. This approach has helped him survive life-threatening situations such as being trapped in gale-force winds, falling into crevasses and being hit by an avalanche. His way of embracing life’s challenges has inspired his audiences and imbued them with a strong sense of self-belief.

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Robert Goh is also passionate about mentoring young climbers and trains groups of university student in high-altitude mountaineering. The efficacy of his method was proven in 2005 when novices from the National University of Singapore who were trained by him , succeeded in summiting Everest.

Outside of mountaineering, Robert Goh is a scientist, involved in cutting-edge technologies in the aerospace industry, including fighter aircraft and un-manned systems. He has found his mountaineering experience to be a close fit in tackling down-to-earth situations. And with over a decade of experience in the corporate world as team leader and manager, he can relate to both sides of the managerial divide.

He has also worked extensively with overseas organizations in Russia, Europe, the US and Middle East, which has given him a global outlook and an appreciation and understanding of the international arena.

This ability to bring his passion to all his endeavours makes his a compelling story for his audiences. Invite him to your next conference of meeting to find out how his story can affect your lives.

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