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Speaking Topics:

  • The Power of Mt Everest: The Quest to find George Mallory
  • Inspiring Success: Getting To The Top Without Selling Out

Traveling from Massachusetts

Thom travels nationwide presenting motivational and inspirational slide programs about his Everest mountaineering and extensive adventure experiences to schools, universities and corporations. He shares his most intimate experiences as a filmmaker and climber in a rich and moving presentation. These programs are geared to inspire a deeper understanding of self, and elicit the motivations which drive us to tackle seemingly insurmountable goals. Motivation, Performance, Teamwork, Goal Setting and Overcoming Obstacles are all interwoven metaphorically into his presentation.

In 1999 Thom was a member of the Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition, during which time the body of George Mallory was discovered. His presentation investigates the mystery of Mallory’s disappearance 75 years previously, by way of photographs which have appeared in National Geographic, National Geographic Adventure and many other books and publications. The presentation contains many never-before-seen photographs of Mallory, now covered in a rocky grave at nearly 27,000 feet on Everest’s north face.

In 2003 Thom was a crew member and filmmaker for the Viracocha 2 Reed Ship Expedition, in which his team constructed an ancient-style reed ship to sail from Chile to Easter Island. In the path of Thor Heyerdahl this expedition attempted to shed new light on ancient migration theories, and to see if it was possible for ancient mariners from the South American continent to populate eastern Polynesia.  More than any expedition of his life this experience pointed out the importance of Teamwork, Goal Setting, Commitment and Perseverance. These important themes are incorporated into his moving presentation, including film and photographs, all of which were produced for National Geographic.

“I am writing to you in thanksgiving for your exceptionally inspirational presentation…  It is not often that such greatness and accomplishment is accompanied by fairness, feminism and spiritual goodness.  You…have combined these elements in a magically transcendental way and for that I am grateful.” Attorney Mary Ann Mierzwa Vernon, CT

“Awesome.  That is the one word that comes to mind to describe your presentation to the Appalachian Mountain Club…” Dale A. Geslien Program Chair

“The Mt. Everest mission in 1999 was spellbinding, from the first shot of a climber hanging off the edge of a vertical drop through the slides of what it means to attempt a climb into the Death Zone…  You were more than a high mountain-climber or expert cameraman.  You let us think in broader perspectives about courage, risk, and life’s values, which relates to everyone of us.” Karin Soderberg Membership Program Manager, Mystic Seaport

Thom’s documentaries include: The Power of the Mountain; G2: A Climbing Journal, The Storm over Denali, Alive on Everest. He produced the 10part television series for NBC on the French Alps.

His photographs have appeared in National Geographic magazine, Climbing and Vanity Fair among others.

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