Tom Whittaker

On May 27, 1998 Tom Whittaker confounded conventional wisdom when he became the first person with a disability to stand on Mount Everest’s 29,035 ft. summit.

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His story reads like a movie script and speaks to courage, passion and persistence to achieve a dream, no matter how daunting. Whittaker’s authenticity and his ability to engage his audiences ‘hearts’ and ‘heads’ in profound ways make Tom a sought after corporate speaker. IBM, DELL, Merrill Lynch, NASA and National Geographic are all companies he has inspired to embrace change, take responsibility for outcomes, and drive forward with integrity and passion in pursuit of their vision.

Turn Your Meeting into a “Summit!” – Managing For Results In A Depressed Economy

Following his star, Tom Whittaker came to the United States to become a world famous mountaineer, until a drunk driver shattered his legs and crushed his dreams. The story of how he reinvented himself to become an agent of positive change is outstanding. Add to this, taking a ‘never walk again’ prognosis to the summit of Mount Everest; you have the caliber of this man and the potency of his message.

Whittaker uses three short video clips that transport his audience into the heart of the Himalayas and place them on the summit of the world’s tallest mountain. With the passion of a man deeply in love with life and humor that resonates from within, Whittaker takes us on an emotional roller coaster that makes any adversity we face seem like a bump in the road.

Whittaker’s story is not about falling down but about getting back up and finishing the race, no matter how lofty the goal.

His story is not about disability; it is about the ability. The ability we all possess to learn from experience and turn adversity into triumph.

Whittaker’s story is about being part of a vision that is bigger than one’s self and making it happen.

Topics include:

  • Overcoming obstacles
  • goal setting
  • teamwork
  • the surmounting of great physical and psychological challenges
  • the triumph of the human spirit.

Motivating Your Sales Force: How High Do You Want To Go?

Using the same classic ingredients, combining a compelling life portfolio with award winning video, Whittaker takes his audience on a roller coaster journey to the roof of the world. Although your sales force may not experience bone chilling cold, crossing bottomless crevasses, and fighting gale force winds, they do face the challenge of consistently doing more and working smarter, and faster in the face of a severe economic climate. Under your leadership and direction, the motivation and confidence of your sales team play a critical role in your companies success.

Topics include:

  • Articulating the vision
  • embracing the dream
  • belief in the outcome
  • passion
  • persistence
  • overcoming rejection
  • reaching the summit

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“Riding The Avalanche”

At 31, Whittaker was coaching a nationally ranked rugby team, climbing extreme rock and ice and redefining the possible in a kayak on whitewater rivers. In a matter of seconds, all this changed. With destroyed knees and broken legs and an amputated foot, Tom had to reinvent himself. Rather than focusing on what he had lost, he focused on what he had and was determined to rebuild himself as a more focused and potent individual than he had been before the accident. Whittaker’s journey from a ‘never walk again’ prognosis to standing on the summit of one of the most unforgiving mountains on earth. Going to the mountain, Whittaker knew that one person perishes for every six successful summit bids. He also knew that for Westerners, the probability of success is one in thirty. In other words, you are five more times likely to perish that you are to succeed in your goal. However, rather than daunting him, he went to this mountain three times spending a total of six months in its icy clasp.

Topics include:

  • Courage
  • accountability
  • confidence
  • discipline
  • teamwork
  • adding value to the vision
  • overcoming fear
  • creating an environment for success

“From Fortune 500 companies to school kids, Whittaker’s gift is in touching hearts and opening minds. Skillfully crafting his presentations to his audience, he challenges us to make the leap of faith that achieving greatness dictates.”

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